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CONTEST! [now until August 10th]

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 2, 2013, 11:00 PM

As the title says, contest time.
Goal? Take something I wrote and reinterpret it into something yours. Aka, I'm giving you an art prompt.
The poem I wrote for this contest can be found in the deviation below:

Entries are to be visual illustrations (comic, digital painting, pencil sketch, etc.). A brief explanation of your interpretation in the artist comments is required as well.

As much as I love them, no written entries will be judged unfortunately! I don't trust in my ability to evaluate literary works enough to work with them in a way needed for a contest - though if you do want to submit a written response anyway, feel free to do so! They just will not be considered, but I'll find them enjoyable anyway and would love to see them.

A winner will be picked based on several things, including (but not limited to) factors like general execution and the impact of your embedded "message" to the viewer. Consider it an exercise in layered meaning, I guess. As always, I like seeing risks taken and experimentation, so keep that in mind haha.

Entries are to be noted to me here on DA under the subject "CONTEST" so I know who to consider. Any entry that is not labeled this way will most likely be missed by me (sorry) and will not be evaluated. I will review entries on August 10th and will try to release winners later that month.

And finally, prizes. There will be (for now) two winners.
I don't have much to offer unfortunately apart from my own art and some points I have on hand, but I hope that's alright! Might tack on a few more things if I think of any other goodies I can spit out, but for now, here's what you can win:

FIRST PLACE will win:
- a full painted digital composition of any 1-2 characters
- a character design
- 400 :points:

SECOND PLACE will win:
- colored sketch of any character
- chibi of any character (might be pixeled, still figuring this out)
- 200 :points:

Good luck!

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